Deal/transaction advisory

We help to clinents in Hungary both the Sell-side and buy-side with our transactional and execution services to planning and sell or acquire businessesm also we support post deal: integration processes.

A merger or acquisition is a significant event for any business. Both sides of the transaction feel the pressure to ensure they have the most accurate information prior to completing the deal. At the same time, both sides are usually motivated to complete the deal in a timely manner. The goals may seem simple, but every transaction is unique and different buyers and sellers present different challenges to a fair sale.

M&A’s are a common strategy for fast growth or diversification. These are, however, not without their challenges. Due to poor strategic fit, lack of an integration plan or failure to identify potential problems with the quality of earnings, transactions sometimes fail to be successful.

Having an expert supporting the transaction process, significantly increases your chances for success, regardless you are the seller or the buyer. Our Transaction Advisory Services professionals can support you through every step.


Company Valuation

Company valuation is a critical part of any business transaction and will be required for many reasons.

We consider hard data as well as soft factors when conducting our risk analysis. The financial aspect of the valuation is then performed using a variety of accepted and proven methods. Depending on the specific circumstances of the company, a combination of the following methods is used:

  • Discounted cash flow (DCF) method
  • Risk-adjusted Net Present Value (rNPV) method
  • Market comparable method
  • Comparable transactions method
  • Sum of parts valuation

As a third party appraiser, we can help you find a basis for your negotiations with an independent valuation and fairness of opinion.

Negotiations support

Outturn provides full negotiation and renegotiation services according to your needs. Develops negotiation strategies for negotiations which are usually centered around distribution, price, production, time or quality issues. Negotiates for Governments, Corporations, Organizations and Individuals in a wide variety of conflicts/disputes that they would rather negotiate than litigate.

Negotiations have to be well prepared. Objectives, alternatives and the status quo have to be to defined and the strategic situation has to be analyzed. A precise diagnosis leads to a successful therapy.


Startup/ Market entry Consultancy

We offer hands-on market entry and business development services to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in the Hungarian market. Our market entry services include:

  • Market Intelligence - perform in-depth market research and analysis to help guide market entry strategy and decision making.
  • Site Selection - assist in selecting the most appropriate location for your international expansion project.
  • Market Entry Strategy - develop and execute a market entry strategy that works best for your business and the target market you want to enter.
  • Company Formation - establishing a legal entity,
  • Building organization- hiring professionals

Other Consultancy

Our Company is helping organizations increase performance, productivity, and profitability. We augment our client’s existing teams to solve complicated problems, identify opportunities for growth, improve operational efficiencies, and strategically plan the most complicated project undertakings.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every engagement and customize our unique solutions to address our client’s individual needs and concerns. Our solutions are based on practicality, not theory or the flavor-of-the-month methodologies. For a management consulting experience unlike any other, you’re in the right place.

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We has experience in turnaround management and several MNA deal, deep experience with the Hungarian legal and economical situation and knowledge both on SME and multinational values.